TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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The door is always open

The hospitality industry is always on, so it's imperative to keep an eye on things in real time.

We know you want everything to run smoothly and be alerted when it looks like they aren't. The TASK enterprise transaction management platform gives you full end-to-end visibility and comes standard with a range of modules designed to keep things cooking.

Enterprise management

Access accurate information anytime – all TASK modules utilise a single database meaning the information you see is a true snapshot of the system in real-time.

Enterprise Management
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Point Of Sale

We've developed the fastest, most powerful and most flexible POS system on the market. Because we believe in making things simple, the same POS application that resides on fixed terminals migrates easily to handheld devices.

Point Of Sale
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Kitchen management

Increase efficiency in the engine room - go paperless, keep things flowing smoothly and be instantly alerted when they aren’t.

Kitchen management
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We're pretty flexible, particularly when it comes to where you choose to locate your data.

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Tech support

Real support, from real people. Our tech support team in Sydney is available twenty four/seven, fifty two weeks a year.

Tech support
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