TASK releases latest version -

20.02 release notes


Integration made easy

API Hero
We believe in making complex things easy

that's why we've developed an unparalleled library of APIs that make integration with our system straightforward.

Api First

API-first approach

while there are other ways to integrate, we believe APIs offer the best solution. That’s why we promote an API-first approach and our engineers develop on the API level before they do anything else.

Dev Network

It’s a numbers game

we are proud of our expanding developer network. Established out of a community of switched-on integrators and integrated developers, our network is growing by the day.


Extensive library

our library of APIs is constantly evolving, with new additions added every month.

For partners, integrators and developers wanting to push or pull data from the TASK transaction management engine,

having access to our comprehensive collection of RESTful APIs puts you in the drivers' seat

and offers a rock-solid foundation built on the latest integration technology.

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