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Plexure & McDonald's: A Powerful Partnership

Plexure has supported McDonald’s since 2013 to deliver an ambitious digital transformation program designed to modernize the restaurant experience and make it easier for customers to satisfy cravings from anywhere with its mobile app. Today, Plexure’s support has grown to over 60 global markets and millions of customers every day.

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An image showing the customer journey.

How Plexure Harnesses the Power of Data

Plexure’s industry-leading customer engagement data platform captures, analyzes, and understands customer purchasing behavior. This foundation sets the stage for Plexure’s deep personalization capabilities, centralized content management, CRM and messaging integration capabilities to offer personalized loyalty & content solutions that make each customer feel as though their dining or purchase experience was designed just for them. Building meaningful digital customer connections can improve engagement, conversion & revenue – it’s a winning formula for everyone involved!

Trusted by the world's largest hospitality business.

We bring the experience of powering mobile engagement for 323 million users in 66 countries and 40 languages with 11B API calls per month.

How We Drive Innovation

Creating best-in-class, industry-leading innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires strategic alignment, collaboration, and commitment to drive tomorrow’s success together today. Our team of experienced, highly motivated, cross-functional tech, product, and data specialists partner with McDonald’s digital, tech, and marketing teams to deliver a service we are proud of and that business, restaurant crew, and customer outcomes are achieved.

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McDonalds mobile app showing how they engage customers with the app.

Help Shape the Next-generation Loyalty Platform

Bringing two businesses together that share a joint ambition to transform the customer experience and set the global benchmarks for personalized loyalty at scale, is an exciting place to be. Plexure has a global presence with offices and customers/partners around the world. We continue to expand our platform features, functionality, and scalability and are always looking for creative problem solvers.    

Switched on by big data and customer engagement on a global scale?

See our list of open Plexure positions here.

Plexure is a leader in providing personalization and customer engagement services to McDonald’s global markets. TASK Group’s SaaS-based enterprise management and loyalty solutions supports hospitality businesses across the globe.