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Task Retail Technology Pty Ltd

Retail Fulfillment Policy

Refund Policy

Our customer(s) will receive a refund in the event payment was made for goods and services where those goods and services were never delivered.

The customer will be required to provide proof that goods and services were not delivered in order for the refund to be fulfilled. TASK also holds the responsibility to contact any third party that delivers these goods and services to provide proof of delivery to ensure this aligns with the customers information.

Delivery Policy

Goods will be delivered to our customer via a third party. The customer will be invoiced, and payment is to be made prior to delivery. Once TASK confirms that payment has been received, TASK will notify our third party for the goods to be delivered. 

Goods are expected to be delivered within the week, this may vary depending on the location of particular customers. 

If the customer reaches out to query where a particular delivery is, TASK is required to contact the third party to request the status of the delivery. 

Return Policy 

In line with TASK’s Terms and Conditions for each customer contract, if any goods are damaged on delivery, the customer can request a new item to be re-sent. Goods damaged after delivery, will not be subject to any return policy or refund. 

Cancellation Policy

In line with TASK’s Terms and Conditions, the customer must provide 30days notice prior to any cancellation of services. TASK holds the right to not refund any amounts paid by the customer if the 30days notice is not provided. 

In the event a customer decides they no longer require the goods delivered, TASK holds no obligation to refund the customer.

In the event a customer decides they no longer require the goods prior to delivery, TASK will refund the customer and ensure the goods are not delivered. If goods are in transit and TASK are subject to freight charges, TASK holds the right to on charge any freight charges incurred due to the late cancellation.