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Digital Signage

integrated digital signage engine.

A mobile app example with a hamburger and product name.
An image representing the different types of targeted offers.

Intelligent content

play where and when it matters.

make content that matters.

drive revenue, connect the customer and create a wow factor.

Attract attention.

Leverage our digital signage engine to draw the eye and lock in attention across the enterprise.

Real time pricing

powered by our API, display real-time pricing, product availability, product descriptions and more.

Powerful scheduling tool

Schedule content to where and when you want it. Enable difference or consistency, have it your way.

Store layouts

Create the psychical environment—digitally. Understand where panels are placed, what content is displayed, and the success of it per location.

Multiple content options

Video, images, HTML or a combination of all. We allow you to display content the way you want to.

Web-based content management

Make context-based promotions and activities a breeze.

Virtual Panels

don't let the physical interrupt the digital.

combine multiple digital signage panels to form a high impact visual advertising wall that your customers simply can’t miss.

An mock up of a mobile app.
A mobile app showing a picture of a chicken burger and saying order 121 is ready for pick up.

Order confirmation boards

communicate with the customer.

use engaging digital displays to confirm an order, update its status, and announce when it’s ready for pickup.

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