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20.08 Release Notes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TASK has been rapidly enhancing our Online Ordering solution to better facilitate contactless ordering across all our client’s markets.

For full details, please see our latest release notes – TOLO 5.0


  • You can now configure your web order print outs to display a member card number
  • Improved the clerk messaging in xchangepoint when clearing a partial redemption
  • The ‘Table Description’ will now display the correct value after being moved
  • Resolved an issue that could cause printers that were deleted from xchangepoint to display on the next restart
  • We’ve improved xchangepoint performance during receipt printing on sale finalization
  • Enhancements to surcharge setup and processing
  • Voided items that aren’t included in the assigned printer templates will no longer print
  • Enhanced the receipt display for receipts created with ‘Add underscore for auto added products’
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the ‘Suppress User Prompt’ on ‘Verify External Reward’ key type to still prompt
  • Clearing a member from a sale will now clear the ‘loyalty account amount’ from the sale window as intended
  • Vouchers will no longer display as ‘pending changes’ when toggling between voucher selection
  • Verifone credit terminals can now be registered when xchangepoint is in training mode
  • Resolved an issue with finalizing sales that include a tip via Verifone
  • Surcharges applied at the Verifone pin pad are applying to xchangepoint as intended
  • The Transaction Viewer in xchangepoint now contains additional information about applied surcharges
  • Refunding orders will now display all included surcharges for the sale
  • Resolved an issue that could cause instructions to not print on journals with the ‘Print Read Only Cleared Items’ setting on
  • Enhanced our Employee Complementary Service payment provider to allow partial pay
  • Added further restrictions to what characters can be entered as a table number in xchangepoint. ‘-‘ or ‘#’ are no longer allowed for entry
  • Tips are being added correctly in the Opera system from the ‘Add Tip’ key type
  • The cash drawer will not open as intended when a cash out with no purchase is completed via Verifone
  • Printing a receipt from the ‘print receipt’ keypad button will correctly trigger EFTPOS receipt printing (if configured)
  • Product filters will now retain saved changes as intended after a Full Update
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause roll back gift cards to not display the full gift card number
  • Finalizing a modifying a stored order is now printing labels as intended
  • UI improvements to the ‘Queue viewer’
  • Resolved issues with the toggle display on the Group and Print Order buttons on KDS
  • Resolved an intermittent issue which could cause orders sent to Summit to display on the incorrect screen
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Cleared Items to not be recorded for certain sales
  • Cancelling a sale and attempting to log out the current clerk will not longer display the previously cancelled items
  • The Detailed Discount Audit for Open Item report will now display the ‘Modified Price’ key type activity as intended
  • Resolved an issue where users couldn’t filter by Family in Product Search
  • Improved the error messaging for member login for our CC2 integration
  • Resolved an issue with our CC2 integration that could cause the receipt’s remaining balance to display incorrectly for sales that included partial redemption
  • Auto updater performance enhancements
  • Caching performance enhancements


  • We’ve added a new app in Fusion – the Order Types app. This allows users to configure their order types, surcharges and disclaimers.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause location assignment saving for newly created surcharge schemas to not work as intended
  • The ‘Date Assignment’ record will no longer be marked as pending changes after a successful save in the Media Setup app
  • Automatic email reports can now be configured to use start times terminal option settings instead of the default 1am time
  • Searching for products by Product ID or PLU when adding product to invoice in Invoices app is now working as intended
  • Improved the time it takes to perform bulk price changes in Products app
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the login fail count (of 10) to not trigger correctly
  • Resolved an issue when a user was bulk creating vouchers using the same prefix for unsaved (pending) vouchers
  • Multi PLU key types will display as intended in Keypad Designer Filtering clerk groups via keyboard entry is working as intended
  • Configuration enhancements for the Vouchers app in Fusion
  • Calculating GP and showing it as a percentage value in the product card in Menu Management app is now working as intended
  • The UI will reflect changed costs when quantity is changed in menu card in the Menu Management app
  • Enhanced the ingredients readability on menu printout in the Menu Management app
  • Stock location will not save correctly for incomplete Purchase Orders
  • UI enhancements to the Purchase Orders app
  • Resolved an issue with bulk restock, which could create a negative value in the quantity column
  • Printer Setup will no longer intermittently not load on the initial open of the app in Fusion
  • Removed some confusing messaging when completing a Datagrid export
  • Assigned Bumps will no longer intermittently display blank cells in the KMS Designer
  • Resolved an issue that could cause PDF files to not be attached for Purchase Order emails


Filtering clerk groups via keyboard entry is working as intended


  • Developers can now access an optional product restriction setting per order type through our API. This allows you to leverage menu flow configuration to only allow a configured amount of products per sale. As an example, our online ordering platform is using this functionality to help enforce RSA limitations for our customers who server alcohol at their venues
  • We’ve added the ability to configure a standard redemption rate against a loyalty app in the TASK system and exposed this via TASK API. This allows customers with a standard spend to redemption rate to display this to customer
  • We’ve enhanced our order type models to include configured disclaimers specific to the order type
  • Enhanced our voucher endpoint offering in the API
  • custom fields can now be handle a null value
  • Improved our price syncing for our integration
  • Enhancements to allow further exporting of our online menu to Uber Eats


  • The TASK App can now display points as a currency loyalty programs
  • Enhanced our app framework to allow you to determine app updates as mandatory
  • UI / UX Enhancements
  • Performance enhancements


  • Improved room search load times for our Opera integration
  • Improvements to processing sales with members pulled from gaming interfaces
  • Performance enhancements for Punchh deserialization
  • Enhanced our eBet syncing from xchangepoint terminals


  • Our Account Transaction Summary by Master Group report has been enhanced to include Trading Periods, Locations & Transaction Dates
  • Our Detailed Audit by Location report has been enhanced to include Trading Periods in the Media Audit tab
  • Our Daily Sales Summary for All Locations with Cover report has been enhanced to only include sales that include covers greater than 0
  • Enhanced the trading period selection for the Financial Report by Trading Period
  • We have added a new report which will display any purchase orders that were not sent (Approved Purchase Orders with Unsent Emails)
  • Enhanced our gift card redemption information across all relevant reports
  • Resolved an issue with PDF exports from email reports
  • We have added a new report which will display sales text entries (Keyboard Entries By Location And Category)
  • Resolved report loading issues for the Gift Card Total Redemption report
  • Resolved report data issues for the Gift Card Total Redemption report
  • Auto exports for menu data for Crunchtime will now contain all required data
  • Improved the way ‘this week’ and ‘last week’ display in the Daily Sales Summary report
  • Resolved report loading issues for the Xero Export report


  • Sales processing performance enhancements
  • Performance enhancements for Crunchtime exports
  • Reduced storage space used by signatures


We’ve created an API driven digital menu board called ‘TASK Display’ which can be implemented by our services team via TASK Media to get your dynamic digital menus off the ground. Contact your account manager to find out more.


  • Users can now choose to hide or display the ‘Quick Add’ UI on product buttons
  • Users can now configure their own text for the finalize order messaging