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TOLO 5.0

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organize an update or learn more.


  • Fat Zebra is now available as a payment provider for TOLO
  • We have enhanced our store searching functionality in location mode, which now takes into account user and store geolocation
  • Security enhancements
  • Updated some caching rules to ensure that the “enter table number” prompt always displays for users
  • Resolved an intermittent price display issue for ingredients within a menu flow that had a price modifier
  • Step through menu flow types will no longer hide the “Customize” button for certain configuration scenario’s

UI/UX Focus

We have implemented a set of UI / UX enhancements, with a focus on smaller devices (e.g. mobile) to ensure a smoother user experience on TOLO.

  • Improved our scrolling UX on small sized devices
  • Resolved some wrapping text UX issues on small sized devices
  • Improved the UI controls for our credit card entry fields on small devices
  • Resolved some alignment issues on our sign up flow on small devices
  • The keyboard will no longer overlap the location search area on small devices
  • Longer addresses will no longer cause button tapping issues on smaller devices
  • Improved our scroll anchoring when selecting a menu category
  • Both cards will no longer be selected if a user adds a new card while an existing card was previously selected