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20.04 Release Notes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TASK has been rapidly enhancing our Online Ordering solution to better facilitate contactless ordering across all our client’s markets.

For full details, please see our latest release notes – TOLO 3.2


  • We have added an option to have the Web Orders form auto refresh when open on xchangepoint
  • Web order receipts will now display any Extra Instructions that come through on the order
  • Production can be started with no internet connection as intended
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the TOLO order confirmation email not to send when the end of day web order auto-finalize setting was set to type 7
  • Long member names will now wrap as intended on printed vouchers
  • Transactions made via our Moneris Integration and were halted due to closing xchangepoint during finalization will now complete finalization on the next xchangepoint start up
  • Resolved an issue that could cause XP to lose Windows focus on clerk login via keypad entry
  • Fractional products are being added to the sale correctly when rung up from a Family key type


  • You can now search for members by their mobile number
  • Payment providers can now be assigned a media, which is exposed in our API
  • We have added a new configuration field for Menu Flows named ‘Customer Friendly Name’. This is exposed on our API and can be used in lieu of more internal naming conventions used in Menu Flow Name / Description
  • Users will be prompted with a warning when they attempt to update or create a member with a mobile number that already exists
  • Users can now add an Image Type for Member Free Products in the Loyalty Apps area, which will allow for separate images per application (e.g. TASK online ordering VS TASK Loyalty App)
  • Products will display in the intended order when a user is filtering by the ‘amount to return’ field
  • We have improved the UX for bulk recipe changes
  • We’ve added further validation to Purchase Orders when you have two product-supplier assignments for the same supplier
  • Product search within the Suppliers app is now more accurate
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Keypads using a 6 x 12 x 12 layout to not be assigned
  • Resolved an intermittent scrolling and viewing issue on the Data Setup > Price Levels view
  • Editing the location of an existing Purchase Order will no longer revert to the previous location after saving
  • The users Invoice Type selection will now display as intended through all actions
  • Resolved an issue that could case new Wastage Templates not to save correctly
  • Committing changes to a Purchase Order after backing out of the original comit action will now save as intended
  • Purchase Order ‘Ship To’ addresses will no longer appear cut off on emailed PDF’s
  • Searching Purchase Order Templates via the Supplier field will now filter as intended
  • The Manual Sales app will now enforce valid date entry before committing a sale
  • We have resolved an issue that could cause the Products list not to display in the Stocktakes app
  • Products will now be populated while using the ‘Hot Swap’ option for the ‘Recipe Swap Ingredient Key’ in Keypad Designer
  • Changing an assigned location for a Wages template is now saving all data correctly


Resolved an intermittent issue that could allow mandatory products to be toggled off when using the Quick Edit function


  • Added the ability to filter by Movement Type for our GET > Stock Adjustment calls
  • The GET > Stock Adjustments for multiple products and locations now correctly filters by the Reference parameter
  • We’ve added a new PUT > Configuration end point for the Suites controller. This will allow users to build custom integrations to configure their Suites apps
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the .dat file not to send correctly for a Purchase Order for Norco

Enhancements to our PeopleSoft integration

  • Exporting all venues now places all venue files into one folder
  • Users can now export by an individual venue via Venue Number
  • Added more details to our error logging for PeopleSoft exports


  • Further enhancements to xchangepoint update speeds


  • We have exposed the KMS Transaction tables for Datawarehouse users