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All in a day's work

Jul 25 2019
Company News

Saturday. It’s hands down the best day of the week - with work a distant memory and the whole weekend laid out before you.

Whether you’re headed for a day at the races, cheering your team on to the finals, dropping into a food court while doing a spot of shopping, eating out, ordering in or hanging at your local club, chances are you’ve been touched by TASK, or more aptly, you’ve interacted with a TASK touchpoint.

While you’re taking it easy and enjoying the weekend, we’re helping some of the world’s biggest brands stay on track. Of course, we’re behind the scenes seven days a week, but in our business Saturday is what we call a ‘huge data’ day. Every weekend, a transaction is processed every second as everyone kicks back to enjoy themselves, watch a game, have a punt or simply enjoy a meal.

Watching St Kilda take on Fremantle at Marvel stadium and ordered a pie and chips? That’s powered by TASK. Having a flutter at the Spring Carnival? That’s powered by TASK. Using a loyalty card at your local club? That’s powered by TASK. If you’ve bought your bread from Bakers Delight, ordered a coffee at Muffin Break, sampled some chicken from the Colonel or a burrito from Guzman y Gomez…you guessed it, that’s all powered by TASK.

Wherever you choose to spend your leisure time, you can probably find TASK behind the scenes. With over 85,000 device installations under our belt, we’re the transaction engine of choice for many of Australia’s largest QSR brands. You want fries with that? Even that suggestion is powered by TASK. If you’ve ever used a self-serve kiosk or ordered ahead via a restaurant-branded app so you can beat the queue, you’ve seen how engaging and user-friendly the TASK ordering experience can be.

But we’re about more than just good looks. Underlying the TASK platform is a powerful transaction management engine that enables our clients to see real-time information and get a bird’s eye view of the system as it stands. And, because we believe in making complex things easy, we've developed a library of APIs that make integration with our system a breeze. The TASK reporting suite is native to our enterprise tool, which gives instant visibility into kiosk, app or online ordering use, for example, and performance against speed and efficiency targets. The result is real-time actionable customer insight information which helps businesses make decisions like on-the-fly staffing redeployment to better handle unexpected demand when things start heating up in the food court.

Keeping that on track is no mean feat, making rock-solid data storage a must. That’s why we offer our clients cloud-based hosting using TASK infrastructure housed in one of two geographically distinct external data centres. Not only is your data safe but, as many of our multi-site clients can tell you, removing the burden of worrying about system updates and data storage frees them up to concentrate on what they should be doing – delivering a superior customer experience.

So, next Saturday when you’re queuing up for a beer at the footy, ready to put a bet on, sipping on your loyalty program free coffee, mesmerised by a mouth-watering digital menu, using a self-serve kiosk, ordering in person or online (or thinking about ordering in), you’ll be part of the million plus people relying on the TASK system to operate effortlessly behind the scenes.

Saturday – powered by TASK. Enjoy your weekend!


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