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Made to order

Jan 24 2020
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Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded, right? We think so, as do many of our clients – and that’s why they turn to the TASK team for creative, innovative, customised app solutions that engage audiences and make ordering a breeze.

The TASK transaction management platform features capability and functionality that our competitors can only dream of. Complete with an integrated loyalty and membership module as standard, the TASK solution is continually evolving to not only deliver a superior customer experience, but to make it easier for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Get to know your customers…

Because our apps utilise the same underlying engine that manages your entire operation, you’re already a step ahead of the game when it comes to creating customised offers. Want to reward those customers that spent $10 on coffee from one of a targeted 10 stores in the last month? Easy. Want to create and automatically push out a specially discounted croissant offer just for them? Done.

Using the inbuilt member segmentation tool, you can easily delineate customers in just a few steps. Create the promotion, add an image and release it directly to members of the group you’ve defined. Simple. Because you are drawing on the data contained in the TASK backend, there’s no need to recreate the wheel – pricing levels, images and other localised data is all at your fingertips.

This functionality not only allows you to reward your customers based on historical purchases, but to create additional campaigns that surprise and delight. Give customers named June a free soft drink throughout the month of June, create Twenties Tuesdays and offer 10% off to all customers aged 20-29 once a week for a four week period – the options are endless, and the data used to identify and reward customers already resides in the system.

Harnessing the power of the TASK solution means you can easily identify typically slow time periods or sluggish stock movements then create compelling campaigns that give your customers a reason to buy, overcoming lower turnover periods and stabilising revenues.

…not their drivers

While third party deliver services have provided even more options for your customer, they can also dilute your relationship and hide the valuable data those transactions generate and turn off customers who don’t receive rewards. That’s why we offer more.

Our mobile-responsive browser-based online ordering app can be built from the ground up to meet your specific needs or supplied under our customisable white-label offering – the choice is yours. Tied into to your loyalty program, customers simply order online and pick up with integrated texting, when it suits them, allowing you to control the transaction and providing valuable insight into buying habits and other purchasing behaviour. Our creative team will work with you to design a look and feel that aligns with the brand your customers have come to know and trust.

We cover the complexities

We know that management of multi-site QSR and large venue operations can be complex. While you may strive for a cookie-cutter approach, the reality is probably different – some sites may have different localised food offerings based on demographic differences, some have limited menus because of kitchen facility constraints or physical factors, hours and pricing may vary.

Our extensive industry experience means we get it. We know there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ store or in venue offering, so we’ve developed our apps to take advantage of the full capability of the TASK system – we’ve not only created an amazing user experience, but we’ve made it simple to manage from your end as well. Using the TASK content management system, you assign localised promotions, products, images, pricing and price levels – the upshot is everything you’d expect from your POS system, placed directly in the hands of your customer.

That capability is something only a full integration solution can offer. If you’re interested in building your brand while fostering loyalty and learning more about your customers and their behaviour, talk to us about our developing customer facing applications that truly deliver.


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