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TOLO 6.0

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organize an update or learn more.

Discount Codes

  • We’ve introduced extended checkout support for a new order type for Catering
  • We now allow users to change their order type at the checkout
  • We now allow users to change their scheduled date and time when using the new catering order type
  • We’ve added the ability for a user to add an additional authorized person to pick up an order
  • Introduced the ability for an order type to be restricted to members only. Member signup/login will be enforced with this option.
  • Added modal for catering orders to include the ability to choose a date and time for an order to be collected
  • Added the ability to change your catering order pickup date and time from the order confirmation and order history views
  • Users now have the ability to configure a hero banner for their catering order type
  • Improved location search to target locations that have a specific order type, eg catering
  • Enhanced location opening hours schedules to enable unique schedules per store per order type
  • Order Types are now displayed in cart
  • Added order confirmation page to support catering order type.
  • Enhanced future ordering, this can now be enabled per order type per location

Delivery Enhancements

  • We’ve introduced an enhanced delivery modal
  • We have enhanced the store search when using the delivery order type. User’s will now have an address validation that will then be used to locate the appropriate store.
  • Added delivery checkout and confirmation views, including address auto complete for delivery address
  • Location delivery radius can now be set. Enforcement of the radius is now included when setting a delivery address

Member Account Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue where a member’s reward ring was being cut off
  • Add demarcation between home page sections for member’s home page
  • Improvements in sign up flow to auto logon user after email verification is complete
  • Added a tag of “NEW” on any member reward that has not yet been viewed by a member.
  • Add the ability to customise text for the header and sub header of the create account modal.
  • The member sign up flow has been enhanced to enable configurable optional additional data capture:
  • Enhanced member orders view to load last 10 orders, members can load more as needed
  • Added the ability to accrue loyalty points with 3rd party member interfaces
  • Resolved an issue with saving a member’s name change
  • Improved email validation on create account

Google Analytics

  • Implemented Google Analytics 4 ecommerce tracking support
  • Implemented Google Analytics 4 analytics support
  • Implemented support for Google tag manager (GTM).

Configuration Enhancements

  • We’ve introduced a TOLO configuration automatic validation service
  • Added enhanced configuration to enable each TOLO site to configure cart behaviour on logout:
    Clear Cart on logout
    Do not clear cart on logout
    Prompt user to clear cart or leave cart on logout


  • Added demarcation between Price and Click through options on Product Tiles
  • Added multiple order type support for mobile devices
  • Added Spanish language support.
  • Users are now able to define what their locations are referred to as. For example locations, stores, bakeries
  • Enhanced products restrictions for online orders.
  • Payment methods are now displayed in the order confirmation and order history pages
  • Input modals now default to focus on input fields
  • Resolved an issue for Adyen payment integration where CCV could not be changed
  • Fixed an issue where text could not be used as a table number
  • Added support for Diner’s Credit Cards
  • Improvements in location availability when switching between order types
  • Introduced forced redirect to home page if a member navigates to checkout with no items in cart