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TOLO 5.3

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organize an update or learn more.

Discount Codes

Customers can now redeem discounts via promo code in TOLO.

We have enabled the following voucher discount types:

  • Percentage discount from the total sale value
  • Specific dollar amount discount from the total sale value

Performance Improvements

  • We have implemented some major performance enhancements around locations and their images. Home and locations page initial load times for customers with many locations should be much faster
  • The Active Order tile will now load quicker
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where scrolling while locations were loading could case the loaders to display longer than intended
  • Load time and general performance enhancements across TOLO

Configuration Enhancements

  • Implemented meta tags throughout the main areas of TOLO to enhance any link sharing or search results display. Our services team can configure Title, Description and image for the link preview
  • Additional text is now configurable for Dine In order type modals, including references to ‘table’ and any related sentences
  • You can now disable the Order Status Tracking confirmation page that was introduced in 5.2 if it doesn’t suit your order facilitation flow
  • We’ve implemented the ability to use a URL to anchor directly to a menu category for a specific location


  • Returning members can now have their details auto populated for a quick login
  • We’ve sped up our member email validation processes, allowing users to verify from straight from their inbox
  • Added in button loaders for the “send receipt” button
  • Pickup time drop downs across TOLO will now update and display the correct time if the user has been inactive for a time
  • Resolved an issue that could cause mobile phone country code icons to not display
  • Modals / pop ups will now close correctly when a user navigates using a browsers Back / Forward controls
  • Opening a menu flow or product from a direct link will no longer at times cause the wrong image to display
  • The correct phone number will display when a user successfully updates their phone number
  • Resolved an issue that could cause “invalid date” to appear if a member’s birthday hadn’t been populated yet
  • The indicator on the ‘Order Status’ type confirmation page will use brand color as intended
  • The “Go to dashboard” button on the ‘Order Status’ type confirmation page is now working as intended
  • Resolved some intermittent issues around the Active Order’s tile not displaying the correct status
  • Removed unnecessary scroll bars on some of our modals & UI elements
  • Standardised capitalisation across our button text
  • Added some icons for a clearer user experience across TOLO