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TOLO 4.5

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organize an update or learn more.

UI/UX Focus

We have implemented a set of UI / UX enhancements, with a focus on smaller devices (e.g. mobile) to ensure a smoother user experience on TOLO.

  • The menu category sub-menu has a new UI which will allow for easier category navigation on small devices
  • Our menu UI has been improved to allow for the display of long product descriptions
  • Menu categories will now display at the top of the menu as the user scrolls through the menu on small devices
  • Improved the tap responsiveness and removed an unnecessary tap in the flow to customize a menu flow on small devices
  • The quantity control will display as intended on the product and menu flow modal when special instructions are not enabled on small devices
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the menu flow page headers to not display as intended for Step Through menu flows
  • Added clearer user instructions on the Accounts > Payments page for users with no saved credit cards
  • Implemented clearer user explanation for stores that are closed but have future orders enabled
  • Pre-saved member credit cards will now appear selected as intended on the checkout page
  • Removed the “1 x ” multiplier on order summary to make the cart easier to read
  • Implemented a ‘web app’ image type for reward images to allow for different images for TOLO and other apps
  • The ‘more information’ modal is now displaying all intended data
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the cart modal alignment to shift after the browser has been resized
  • Removed extra blank space that was displaying on small devices when an important message was not configured
  • Loyalty program tiles will now display at the same height on large devices
  • Improvements to product image display on medium sized devices
  • Resolved some minor hero banner text display issues that occurred on Microsoft Edge
  • Resolved some minor menu banner text display issues that occurred on Microsoft Edge


  • We’ve implemented the ‘Sold Out’ status for TOLO. This can be configured from xchangefusion or Portal
  • We have enhanced the configuration options for your loyalty programs, so they can be assigned and re-ordered in xchangefusion
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause the Dine In modal from a scanned QR code to display twice
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause TOLO not to load the full UI when opened from a scanned QR code
  • Removing an item on the order summary page is now working as intended. This was previously removing the last item in the cart list
  • Pressing the spacebar with an open modal will no longer unintentionally launch additional modals
  • Deleting menu flow links from xchangefusion will no longer cause the menu flow to stop displaying on TOLO
  • Incorrect additional order type details will no longer display when changing order types from pick up to dine in, and back again
  • Adding a credit card with an expiration past 2030 will now save correctly
  • Editing an item from order summary and changing the special instructions will now update in the UI to reflect the changes
  • Security enhancements