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TOLO 3.1

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organize an update or learn more.

Future Orders

  • We have enhanced our ordering offering to include future order times.
  • You can now configure your online ordering locations to allow your users to order days in advance.
  • Included in this enhancement is the ability to access location menus out of hours, to place an order, as well as the ability to change your order time from the menu view.

Additional Configuration Options

The following areas are now configurable:

  • Localization of nutritional value (e.g. Calories or Kilojoules)
  • The location search bar place holder content is configurable
  • Landing page text content for the member verification & forgot password email flows
  • The URL for the ‘Need further help?’ link on the forgot password view


Please see below for the enhancements we have implemented in Release 3.0

  • The cart UI will now handle up to 3 order types, including any additional configured fields
  • We implemented a scroll bar by default on the ‘More’ menus button on large screen devices
  • We’ve added the app’s current version number to the footer
  • Improved the UX on small devices for the cart when there are a large amount of items included
  • Location images will always display on the initial load
  • Resolved an issue where the first filtered menu category would continue to display after the first search
  • The ‘More’ button will no longer display incorrectly on medium sized browsers, which could cause issues on the Account view
  • Resolved an issue on mobile that could case the ‘Sign In’ button to appear when a member was already logged in
  • Resolved a mobile UI issue when opening the Account section from the cart
  • Fixed a delayed animation issue during the initial menu scroll on small sized devices
  • Fixed some typos and inconsistent casing on some UI elements
  • The web order sale receipt can now be configured to display ‘Extra Instructions’
  • Users can now search and filter by ‘Order Type’ in the Transaction Viewer app in xchangefusion
  • Enhanced the UI in xchangefusion for the ‘Important Messages’ configuration