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TOLO 2.2

TASK is excited to announce the latest release of our online ordering platform!

Please reach out to your account manager, or contact us if you’d like to organise an update or learn more.

Email Receipts

  • You can now configured your instance of TASK online ordering to send email receipts upon finalization of a transaction.
  • Users can also trigger an email receipt from their Profile.

Additional Pick Up Order Type Support

  • We have enhanced our checkout order type functionality to include an additional option.
  • This order type can have custom fields configured to capture any extra information you require to facilitate an order.
  • For example, if you wanted to allow for a Curbside pick up option, you could have your guests enter their cars number plate and colour, which will allow your staff to quickly identify the customer to hand over their order.

Account Charging

  • We have implemented the ability to enable Account Charge payment for online ordering.
  • Users can now pay for their order with their available balance, as well as keep track of their remaining balance.

Cart Enhancements

  • Menu flows will now display in a more user friendly manner in the cart.
  • Previously, we had listed all ingredients displayed to the customer. We have since updated this to only show relevant ingredient information, such as modifications, adds and removals of ingredients.


  • Surcharges are now available for online ordering.
  • This includes the ability to configure a surcharge name, amount and description (if you want to explain to your users what this charge covers).

Minimum Order Spend

  • We have added the ability to configure an optional minimum order spend amount.
  • This will inform the user of this amount, and ensure that they cannot proceed to payment until their cart total reaches the configured amount.

Product Search

Users can now search for products within the menu, to ensure they can quickly find what the items they are after.

Notification Area

  • We have implemented a notification area for TOLO where you can place important messages to your users e.g. COVID-19 information, instructions around additional ordering information.
  • You can also configure a URL for these notifications to allow users to click through and learn more.

Nutritional Disclaimer

  • We’ve implemented the ability to configure a Nutritional Disclaimer, which will display on all menus and products.
  • This can be used to adhere to national or state level laws around displaying KJ / Calorie intake.

Menu Category Images

  • You can now to set a hero image for your menu categories.
  • Users can now upload and assign an image for any online menu category, if you want to add a little more of a custom feel to your menu.

Location Address

Location addresses will now display in Location Mode, and allow users to click through to Google Maps with the address populated.


Please see below for the enhancements we have implemented in Release 2.2

  • Google Analytics can now be configured for your instance of TOLO. Please provide us with your Google Tracking ID (e.g. UA-123456789-4) and we’ll get it implemented for you
  • The xchangepoint Web Orders form will now auto refresh to ensure all the latest orders are viewable for users who leave this form open
  • You can now search for transactions in xchangefusion by member mobile number. This should help your customer service team track down web orders faster
  • We’ve cleaned up how modified menu flows appear in the cart. Instead of seeing all included ingredients for products, it will now display with only relevant information e.g. Chicken Burger, no tomato, add bacon
  • Location tiles now have a default image that will display when an image hasn’t been configured
  • We have removed the default border on allergen tags, to allow you further control over how these are displayed
  • Saved credit card will now be selected when a member with a saved card lands on Checkout
  • Resolved some UI issues for members viewing their Account Charge status in the Profile > Payment view
  • The ‘Suggested Extras’ title will no longer display on menu flows that have no extra’s configured
  • UI / UX enhancements, with a focus on mobile devices