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21.12.05 Release Notes




  • Added Selected Item Only option for QTY keytype.
  • Introduced the ability to split an item into many quantities to allow for modifications to a portion of a product. EG modify half a pizza only.
  • Added further support to accept multi currencies and enable an operator to determine what currency the change will be given in, this will then reflect on an end of day report.
  • The delayed orders form has been enhanced to intuitively hide fields based on the order type selected.
  • Added support to XP to be able to assign delivery drivers and have this reported in the TASK suite of reports.

Payment Integrations

  • Introduced better support for Card Connect payment failures.
  • Enhanced the Moneris payment integration to handle the new response codes introduced by Moneris.


  • Introduced the ability to assign clerk classification to Labour Roles to determine is a clerk is a terminal operator based on their labour role.


  • Introduced a new option to allow modifiers to not print on labels.
  • Added the ability to print Extra Instructions property on Journal Prints.
  • Enhanced label printing to allow a user to define a display prefix for online orders.
  • Add intuitive QTY display to receipts based on modifications and product types.
  • Order delivery detail support has been added to the receipt layout templates.
  • Added web order ID support to Production dockets.
  • Added Future Order date support for production printers.


  • Added media reference support for Account Charge transactions.
  • Enhanced the member product limit menu flows to support multiple members transacting in one sale.


  • Enhanced the Omnivore integration to enable order numbers to be sent from Omnivore.
  • XP has been integrated with Hubrise/Next Order.


  • Added the ability to reset order numbers from the XP report form.



  • KMS Order cells now can display an item count for bagging orders.
  • Added quick view mode to KMS grouping.
  • Added the ability for KMS device to auto print chits or individual products as they are bumped.




  • Added support for products that are marked unavailable to reflect in Kiosk Menu flows.




  • Added confirmation step when adding new services to Fusion.
  • Menu Flows can now be marked as Online Ordering only.


  • External ID has been exposed in the supplier’s grid.

Royalty Fees

  • Royalty fees can now be configured using a transaction count clip per media.


  • An Active product filter has been added to menu flows when searching for a product to add to a menu.




  • Localisation support has been added to Portal.

Transaction Viewers

  • Transaction viewer can now be filtered by sale reason.




  • Added support for venue automation that can be used in automated integrations.
  • Users sending online orders can now override initial values.
  • Added support to allow 3rd party price override on online ordering endpoints.
  • Table Name in Online Order Model
  • Sale Reason has been added to the transaction’s endpoint.
  • Float and DepositSerialNumber have been added to the Cash Deposits by ID endpoint.


  • Introduced improvements to the item sync in the Uber Eats integration.
  • Added extra logging support for Punchh Receipt Details sync.
  • The Mailchimp integration has been moved to Mailchimp’s version 3 API.



  • Uber Eats Setup Configuration has been added to cache.
  • Moved Punchh receipt uploads to xchangenet.



New Reports

  • New Report – Stock Forecast with Current SOH.
  • New Report – Payroll Deductions Details.
  • New Report – Payroll Deduction Summary.
  • New Report – Store Sale and Web Orders.
  • New Report – Web Order Media Summary.
  • New Report – MarketMan Export.

Data Warehouse


New Tables

  • New Table added – TerminalPrinterTable.
  • New Table added – TerminalOrderItemsVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – TerminalOrderMenuFlowActivationsVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – TerminalOrderSalesVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – TerminalSalesItemsVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – TerminalSalesMenuFlowsActivatedVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – TerminalSalesVirtualLocation.
  • New Table added – VirtualLocationAssignment.
  • New Table added – VirtualLocationMenuFlowAssignment.


  • . The column EODWebOrderAutoFinalize to TerminalSetupTable.