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21.01 Release Notes


New Features

  • Added the ability to add prefixes (e.g. ‘Add X’, ‘No Y’, ‘Extra Z’) to families / multi-PLU key types
  • Keypad security can now cover whole pages (not just individual keys)
  • Added the Keyboard Entry button and form to the List view for KMS
  • We’ve added an option to set the default Electronic Tip Cash Mode for a terminal, which will determine which mode is auto selected from a clerk using
  • the App Tip key type
  • Added the option to trigger a receipt for “Pay by Points” orders
  • Users can now configure a default pick up time for pick up orders
  • We’ve added the ability for the table charge / table layout keys to post pickup orders
  • We have enhanced our ‘Edit Seat’ functionality to allow clerks faster and easier access across multiple seats
  • Moving a product using the ‘Edit Seat’ > ‘Tap to Move’ functionality will now move any associated menu flow that the product is a part of
  • Improved the user experience for clerks transferring multiple tables that are assigned to different clerks
  • Added the option to print a preview receipt on all ‘Send and Stay’ actions. This will allow clerks to have the bill ready instantly upon request without having to return to the master terminal
  • We have added new configuration options for the ‘Add / Remove’ and ‘Swap’ key types from the Recipe Modification form
  • Enhanced usability of the Clear Key type. When clearing an item that has multiple quantities in the sale, the clerk can enter the amount of quantity they want to clear from the sale
  • The ‘Database’ element in the status bar will now display as red if no web services are configured, instead of green
  • We’ve added a new setting which will allow the Location Name to display in xchangepoint’s status bar


  • We’ve enhanced the UI of the table layout to better match the look and feel in Portal
  • Made the Close button more visible in the List view for KMS
  • UI enhancements for the List view for KMS
  • Performance enhancements to our cache engine
  • Surcharge lines are no longer added per category, instead they are consolidated into one line per sale
  • Scheduled surcharges will now apply correctly when a start & end time & date are configured
  • Surcharges will be disabled during the correct time / date ranges as intended for surcharges configured with multiple time and date ranges applied
  • Refunds will work correctly for transactions completed with Exec Comps from the Pay Tab
  • Refunding transactions with surcharges for Credit Sales will display the correct amounts as intended
  • Bug fixes and enhancements to our Merchant Link payment integration
  • Resolved some issues that could occur if multiple menu flow templates were applied to a single sale
  • Non master terminals can now access open tables as intended
  • The seat subtotal price is more prominent on the sale window and receipt
  • Improved the visibility of instructional products when multiple are applied to a sale
  • Resolved some scaling issues for the Table Layout on larger resolution devices
  • Clerks without sufficient permissions can no longer cancel a sale which already has had a Credit Card pre-auth added to the sale
  • Resolved an issue that could cause pick up orders to send to the printer multiple times if the order was open on the follower KMS
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Date could be empty for journal prints on pickup orders
  • Resolved an issue with Clerk Group Keypad Override not activating when intended
  • Added some additional logic to ensure that certain product key types can’t be added when the configured product is set to Unavailable
  • Added some additional conditions to ensure the “Exit at any time” menu flow setting is working as intended
  • The configured Clerk Input Mask will apply correctly while using the Edit Clerks functionality
  • Clerks can no longer clock out with a pending unpaid pickup order.
  • Resolved some UI issues with the Manager Override form
  • Fixed an issue that could cause recipe modifications within a menu flow to not transfer correctly when using the Edit Seats functionality
  • Changed the default tip amount to $0.00 for Merchant Link and SVS providers
  • Pre auth will no longer be included in payments when clearing items from a sale
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause void items to be sent to the printer
  • Enhanced our receipt number syncing when using a multi-linked terminal environment
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Discount Family Restrict key to not work as intended when multiple products from different families were in the sale
  • Refunding a payment carries across the surcharge to the pin pad for our Verifone integration
  • Resolved an issue that could cause transactions with surcharges to be flagged as ‘discounts’ in the ‘Payment Details’ section
  • The Clerk Login form will no longer prompt when Clerk Mode is disabled
  • Resolved an issue that could cause clerk clock in not to prompt before they logged in when the ‘Clock In Required for Logging In’ Terminal setting was enabled
  • Resolved some table locking issues when using the Merge Tables functionality
  • Removing a discount from a transaction will no longer cause related products to be removed from the sale
  • Resolved some intermittent member login issues that could occur when a member was swapped from a blank sale
  • Finalizing a split sale with a pre-attached Sale Reason with no longer prompt for a Sale Reason
  • Resolved an issue with KMS cells for web orders when the “Only Show Modified” setting was enabled.
  • Resolved an issue with Upsize menu flow not triggering in certain sale situations


New Features

  • Added the ability to multiply the quantity of a recipe and have the related ingredient quantities display to the user when they are using the Print Card functionality in Menu Management
  • We have implemented multi-select support for Menu Flow > Product selection and Printer Template Items selection
  • Users can find a new setting that will cause the ‘cost’ column for a menu card to populate per ingredient price
  • You can now view the Menu ID in Online Menus, which should help any API users who are looking to target specific menus
  • We have renamed references to “Loyalty Apps” to “Apps”, to reflect the wide range of application types this structure supports
  • Added some additional data filtering options for products in the Menu Management app


  • Changing the settings on a Family Key in Keypad Designer will now display in the UI straight away
  • The default web order type will now display as intended in Terminal Setup
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where the Stock Location could display the incorrect value in Purchase Orders
  • Performance enhancements for opening large menu flows
  • UX improvements to the API configuration for Apps
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘this week’ and ‘last week’ controls for reports that could cause the values to be reversed
  • Resolved some intermittent report time outs that could occur when filtering some date ranges for the ‘Detailed Menu Flow Report’
  • The ‘Stock on Hand value’ calculation will now display the correct amount for the Stocktake Expected Variance report
  • The ‘Sales Total inc.’ calculation will now display the correct amount for the Product Mix Report by Initial Clerk report
  • We’ve made some UX enhancements to the event assignments and location filtering in the Bulk Transfers app
  • Enhanced the user experience when working on multiple bulk stock transfers
  • Stocktake items added via PDA will now display in one line as intended in the Stocktakes App
  • Fixed some configuration issues for the menu flow wizard when creating Promotion type menu flow
  • Resolved an issue that could cause certain types of discounts for a transaction to not display in the “Discount Amount” area in Transaction Viewer
  • The correct keypad version number will display in the Keypad Designer UI after changing to a different ‘Managed Version’
  • The Purchasing Quantity will no longer revert after an item is deleted in Menu Management
  • The configured Tipping Setting will now appear populated as intended on the users first open of a Terminal in Terminal Settings


  • Users can now edit the following Clerk information in the Clerk Setup app: – Social Security Number – Clerk Alpha Name – Payroll ID – Clerk Classification – Is Labour Manager – Login Prior to Click In Override
  • Multiple duplicate error messages should no longer display when a recurring error occurs
  • Fixed an issue with Portal themes returning all data correctly
  • Resolved some pre-sets and initial data display issues for reports


New Features

  • Created a new end point (GET > /api/v3/members/my/LoyaltyProgramsProducts) which allows developers to pull loyalty program information and related products for the authenticated member
  • Enhanced our STRIPE above store payment integration to work with accounts using the ‘Connected Account’ configuration
  • We have implemented country codes for member mobile numbers, which are exposed and available in our member API calls
  • We have added the ability to set specific allowed country codes per App in the system. These codes are returned when using the GET > LoyaltyAppSettings end point, and can be used for country specific functionality, member mobile number country code population and any other uses your developers can come up with
  • We have added the ability for the configured Location ABN to dynamically display on our Order Confirmation and Order Receipt email templates


  • Resolved an issue that was causing Special Hours not to return for the GET > /api/v3/terminals/onlineOrderingLocations end point
  • Searching for products will no longer take case into account
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause the product availability toggle to not work correctly
  • We have increased the amount of characters allowed for a web order sale name from 50 to 200
  • We have enhanced the service that handles the scheduling and sending of email reports
  • Performance enhancements for our BATA integration
  • Resolved an issue with using the POST > /api/v3/auth/clerk/login end point


  • Resolved an intermittent syncing issue with our Opera integration after a connection outage
  • Performance and connectivity improvements to our Opera Interface
  • Resolved an email report sending issue for some HTTPS URL’s


  • Added some additional checks for surcharging & voucher configuration on Advanced Update Checks to ensure the correct settings are applied
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes for our Cheetah integration


  • We have added the option to hide the Order Number on the Order Confirmation view


  • Member cards are now stored locally, so users can access their card to scan and earn even if their device is offline
  • Enhancements to our dashboard to ensure all rewards and loyalty counters are displaying the latest
  • UI enhancements to Rewards & Promotions

For full release notes for individual apps, please see check the App Store / Play Store for features and fixes.


Enhancements to our finalization mechanics for web orders


Performance enhancements for the initial load time for the Suites app


  • Resolved an issue with the Tax value displaying as a minus when discounts were in a sale in Account Transactions
  • Member Setup will now load correctly