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20.02 Release Notes


  • We’ve implemented major improvements to our data caching logic, which you’ll notice in the speed your terminals will now receive updates, new data and any configuration changes.
  • We have implemented the ability to transfer tables between clerks.
  • We have added the ability for clerks to close menu flows without losing the information entered. This allows clerks to pause a large menu flow and use the POS terminal for another function without having to enter repeat information.
  • We have implemented new Table management – Send & Stay. This allows clerks to send items to the kitchen, before the products have been finalized against a transaction.
  • We’ve introduced a new UI option for the KMS – List View. This displays all items in a single list to help facilitate a more condensed view of the products.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing points accrued to display on the receipt when it should not for users with a Punchh integration.
  • Added further back of house validation to Public Menu Flow triggers.
  • Enhanced discounting logic for table splitting.
  • Logging a member in via Mobile Phone Number will now always pop up the available Free Products form for the clerk.
  • Resolved an issue that could intermittently cause the Product text in the sale window to shrink after adding a long string.
  • Users can now choose to display the Menu Flow Settings Name as the combo header in Point.
  • Enhanced the workflow to setup an Assembly Payment Provider.
  • Implemented additional validation around ingredient quantity for modified ingredients for KMS.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause KMS items not to bump when the order was paid for partially in points.
  • Added configurable audio prompts for the Remove Card action for Card Connect devices.
  • Tipping Settings are now saving correctly for Card Connect devices when executing multiple settings changes across multiple saves.
  • The Clerk Logon screen will no longer display after swapping clerks when the Enable Automatic Clerk Login Screen is disabled.
  • Key Strokes are now being correctly logged for password protected keys.
  • We have improved our saved table closing logic.
  • Speed enhancements for downloading customer display data.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing refund functionality when the Limit Cardcode Refund Days was set to 1 day.
  • Performance enhancements for adding a large number of products to the sale window for a single transaction.


  • Saving a new Action in the Member Display app will no longer display a Save Request error.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Revenue Financial Report by Trading Period Report to not respect custom Start Date and End Date parameters.
  • Enhanced the options for enabling Locations to display in loyalty and ordering apps (see new flag IsAvailableInLoyaltyApps.)
  • Keypad Designer now allows users to use the Move Up and Move Down actions without first having to save, close and reopen after adding new keys.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause keypad buttons created from the Copy & Create function to not trigger their assigned function in.
  • Vouchers are now saving correctly after changing only the Free Value field.
  • All menu flow records will now return as intended when a user filters by Setting Type > KMS Grouping.
  • Resolved an issue where users couldn’t assign inventory permissions in the Clerk Group app under certain clerk permission configuration.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Loyalty Count section of the Member app appear as blank for certain members.
  • The EFTPOS Device ID is now saving when that is the only field changed for a Terminal.
  • Purchase Orders: Nested recipes can now be assigned to a Supplier.


  • Deliveroo Integration: Resolved an issue that was causing successful orders to send the incorrect HTTP status.
  • Crunchtime Integration: We have added the below properties to all Clerk end points:
    • Is Active
    • Primary Labour Role ID
  • The AuthClerkID will no longer save incorrectly when AllowManualEntryOnClerkPasswordProtectedKeys = 1
  • Enhanced data value type parameters on the Menu Flow Details end point.
  • The GET Printers end point will now return all printers (was previously only returning receipt printers).
  • Performance enhancements for all Twilio related end points.
  • Performance enhancements for the GET Member Transactions end point.


  • Net is now x64 compatible.
  • Improved our connection request logic to the eBet gateway.
  • Punchh Integration: We have updated the External ID to be populated from SaleGUID as opposed to Receipt Number.
  • Punchh Integration: Performance enhancements to improve Point responsiveness for terminals configured with Punchh.
  • Improved our Terminal Event Table logging.


  • Changed the file name format of the Smart Button Export action:
    • From ‘ POSProductDescriptor’ to ‘POS Product Descriptor’
    • From‘POS Standard Transaction’ to ‘Std Purchase Transactions POS’
  • Cisco Vision Export now respects location keypad configuration to determine what products are included.
  • We have improved our Netsuite Export to include the following:
    • Further levels of category instead of master category only
    • Include all EFTPOS providers across a split transaction
    • Include all member card numbers associated to a transaction
  • Increased character capacity for Member Email Addresses.
  • Performance enhancements to allow for faster generation of reports.


  • We’ve implemented a new HTML framework for Media, which allows for the display modern HTML content.


  • KPI Admin / KPI Entry apps are now displaying correctly on HTTPS instances of.
  • The Library Xero Export Report will now return as intended across large date ranges.

Online Ordering

  • Users can now configure their external footer URL’s from Fusion.
  • $0.00 price points will no longer display in the UI.
  • Google Analytics are now supported.
  • UI / UX enhancements.
  • Performance enhancements.


  • TASK Kiosk can now be configured to display on Landscape devices.
  • Added the ability to redeem vouchers on the TASK Kiosk, via barcode scan or code entry on screen.
  • TASK Kiosk now supports modification type menu flows.


  • Resolved an issue where the numpad would not respond in certain situations on the Order Products form.

Mobile Apps

  • Enhanced dashboards across many of our custom client apps to account for users without location services enabled.
  • Increased stability and support across older Android devices and versions for TASK Apps.