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19.08 Release Notes


– Improvements to endpoint reporting/kms/daily endpoint for given date reporting.

– Improvements to credit card processing for online orders.

– Improvements to product opt in/out product removal within menu flow for online menus.

– Improvements to order details in email templates.

– Improvements to email templates.

– Improvements to member endpoints.

– Improvements to returning clerk labour roles.

– Improvements to default activations for menu flows.


– Improvements to processing sales with member account charge payment option.

– Improvements to data sync for TerminalOrderSales table in data warehouse.

– Added field in OriginalTransactionId to data warehouse.

– Improvements to refunded items on member account summary.

– Added configuration tables TerminalPoolDefinition and TerminalPoolMemberBalance to data warehouse.


– Improvements to calculating average costs when stock on hand is in a negative.

– Added additional fields to Wage Management.

– Improvements to generating detailed menu flow audit report.

– Improvements to product cost after refunding and reselling in master group product mix report.

– Improvements to online menu groups.

– Improvements to venues functionality.

– Improvements to Opera Hotels integration.

– Added ability to load multiple bulk stock transfers and restocking all to max.

– Added menu management ability to print form with menu details.

– Improvements to bulk stock transfers UI.

– Enhancements to data presented on stock transfer picking slip.

– Improvements to purchase orders PDF email generation.

– Improvements to purchase orders PDF layout.

– Enhancements to importing CSV file with alpha supplier codes.

– Improvements to timed changes.

– Improvements to member redemption settings in menu flows.

– Improvements to vouchers.

– Added searching by clerk logon number.

– UI enhancements to terminal setup.

– Improvements to removing min/max purchase order quantities.

– UI enhancements to manual sales and member groups.


– Client specific enhancements and features.

Mobile Applications

– Client specific enhancements and features.

– Added promo code functionality.

Online Ordering

– Client specific enhancements and refinements.


– Improvements to bill splitting.

– Improvements to previous transactions per clerk per cash drawer.

– Improvements to auto finalisation of web orders.

– Enhancements to recipe modifications.

– UI enhancements to toolbar.

– Enhancements to Punchh integration.

– Enhancements to rounding on receipts.

– Enhancements tax calculations.


– Added new product listing by product family report.

– Added new active terminal per menu flow report.

– Added ability to select multiple events in the product mix by events report.

– Added new stocktake count sheet by transfer template report.

Suite Management

– Added member logged in for suite ordering.