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19.02 Release Notes


– Production environments to use xchangepoint time not server time.

– Improvements to member table post code field.

– Enhancements to kiosk recipes functionality.

– Families enhancements.

– Opt out keypad enhancements.

– Added ability to select and assign multiple sale reasons to a discount keytype.

– Added ability for members to be able to accrue loyalty points when terminals are offline.

– Netsuite PO export enhancements.

– Added ability for future dated orders.


– Added ability to email xchangepoint receipts.

– Added manager access to floats when highlighted, so clerks can’t change the amount.

– Applied enhancements to the stock transfer app.

– Online orders finalization enhancements.

– Added new terminal setting for member mobile number & member card number on creating new member.

– Enhancements to customer displays app.

– EBMS account charge and event integration enhancements.

– Salesforce sales export integration enhancements.

– Registration file refinements.

– Enhancements to wages app.

– Improvements to purchase orders supplier email address configuration.

– Improvements to SMTP configuration.

– Price change scheduling UI redesign.

– Enhancements to hierarchy app.

– Enhancements to cash management app.

– Enhancements to mobile apps CMS.

– Xero integration sync enhancements.

– Menu flow engine enhancements.

– Improvements to clerk import functionality.

– Enhancements to tip management app.


– Created restriction for medias used on sale order type.

– Created return of modifiers with ingredients.

– Enhanced web orders to send to KMS and all kitchen peripherals.

– Created restriction to members based on clerk-group member-group access.

– Enhancements to stock production item counts data formating.

– Enhancements to scheduler log for ease of API deployment.

– Enhancements to Reporting/GetOnlineOrders/Detailed endpoint.

– Created new endpoint for online orders reporting.

– ABCOM integration product mix endpoint creation.

– Capeesh integration completed.

– /api/v1/members/{memberId}/FreeProducts endpoint enhancements.

– Microsoft Dynamics integration currency field endpoint enhancements.

– Measurement properties added to product endpoints.

– /api/v1/OnlineOrders/{id}/Status endpoint enhancements.

– /api/v1/products/masterCategories endpoint enhancements.

– EDI process is now running on all suppliers and sending to Countrywide.

– Online orders enhancements for additional ingredients.

– Enhancements to stock wastage.

– Enhacements to cash deposits.

– Converge payments integration enhancements.

– Automatic email on PO approval enhancements.

– Improvements to member change log history.

– Enhancements to location fields.


– Client specific product image enhancements.

– Combo enhancements.

– Ingredient selection cost enhancements.

– Enhancements to light theme membership styling.

– Transactional tracking time enhancements.

– Group view product button enhancements.

– Attract view customization enhancements.

– Global UI enhancements.

– Membership UI enhancements.

– Weigh & pay lbs format enhancements.

– Payment option enhancements.

– Animation refinements.

– Configuration option added to skip payment options if only 1 is active.

– Enabled button style overrides for regular buttons.

– Coupon enhancements.

– Added table number functionality.

– Added special instructions per product.

– Favorite orders enhancements.

– Membership view enhancements.

– Payments view enhancements.

– Out of hours view enhancements.

– Station level navigation enhancements.

– Added ability to store digital signature from kiosk.

Mobile Applications

– Enhancements to member registration view model.

– Enhancements to member log in page view model.

– Enhancements to new user sign up view model.

– Refinements to “update phone” option.

– Connection error where there is no internet refinements.

– Enhancements to update and verification email forms.


– Enhancements to media fusion schedule for store layouts.

– Enhancements to recipe updates for update checks.

– Enhancements to windows shared printer settings.

– Ebet integration adding points enhancements.

– Points adding and deducting enhancements.

– Auto updater enhancements for point folder transfers.

– Enhancements to web order auto finalization.

– xpress app integration email alerts enhancements.

– Enhancements to interval update for product inactive/active settings, menu flows & keypad changes.

– Bally integration account number enhancements.

– Improvements to room charging reservations.


– Electronic signature enhancements.

– Opera interface location ID enhancements.

– PDA offline enhancements.

– PDE transfers offline mode enhancements.

– Web order menu flow enhancements.

– Store message auto update enhancements.

– Printing stability enhancements.

– KMS slave & master order formatting enhancements.

– KMS expanding orders enhancements.

– Verifone integration pin pad enhancements.

– KMS now displays print journal colour for products.

– Meal menu flows can now only be activated once per order.

– KMS slave product visibility enhancements.

– Enhancements for kiosk product images.

– Recipe swap enhancements.

– Menu flow discount enhancements.

– Aristocrat integration points accrual refinements.

– Member birthday points pool redemption rates enhancements.

– Tax calculation enhancements.

– Stock transfer enhancements.

– Web order UI enhancements for tablets.

– Bonus points accrual refinements.

– Offline production products now load.

– New member points refund restrictions added.

– Refunding menu flow discounts also refunds points.

– Enhancements to terminalsales totals.

– Refinements to auto EOD logout functionality.

– Moneris integration Visa gift card enhancements.

– Member campaigns automatic timer introduced.

– HTML customer display enhancements to allow new content to display immediately.

– Table merging to KMS enhancements.

– Credit items on journal enhancements.

– Table charge grouping menu flow enhancements.

– Email receipt UI improvements.

– Enhancements to terminalsales totals.

– Refinements to auto EOD logout functionality.

– Moneris integration Visa gift card enhancements.

– Member campaigns automatic timer introduced.

– HTML customer display enhancements to allow new content to display immediately.

– Table merging to KMS enhancements.

– Credit items on journal enhancements.

– Table charge grouping menu flow enhancements.

– Email receipt UI improvements.

– Cardconnect integration enhancements.

– Redemption menu flows now refund modified points prices.

– Points display on receipt enhancements.

– Enhancements to cash drawer hardware management.

– Completed Moneris integration upgrade.

– Opportunity sales rounding options added.

– Quest integration cashout enhancements.

– Cardconnect integration enhancement to allow card number entry.

– Swapped item tax enhancements.

– Raffle ticket functionality enhancements.

– Clock in slave and master enhancements.

– Multiple points pool “always wait” redemption mode enhancements.

– Recipe modification enhancements.

– Added ability to customize order entry text at the top of receipts.

– Enhancements to members return last sale functionality.

– Member free products enhancements from web orders.

– Removed the ability to close sales while member is logging into sale.

– Added ability to modify an online order from the POS, and restore it.

– Verifone integration enhancement to Task receipts.

– Web order account charge enhancements.

– New member account charge restrictions implemented.

– Receipt footer alignment adjustments.

– Donation engine enhancements for number on printed receipts.

– Refinements to tip declaration form.

– Tyro integration open sales enhancements.

– Tyro integration pay at table enhancements.

– PCEftpos integration receipt enhancements.

– Voucher expiry enhancements.

– Network status pop up enhancements.

– Label printing quantity for instructions enhancements.

– Added the ability to have custom text shown on label printers.

– Transaction viewer UI refinements.

– KMS template refinements.

– Added ability to display room name on receipt and transaction viewer.

– Added electronic tip cash mode setting.

– Verifone integration tip refund enhancements.

– Dallmeier integration mermber id and name enhancements when paying by points.

– Opera integration member search by room number enhancements.

– Added ability to charge the format of receipts.

– Added ability to display points on customer displays as a dollar value.

– Bally integration enhancements to refund cashless money.

– Added ability for barcode refund to work for more than just cash.

– Added restrictions to tables with credit limits being merged to other tables.

– Summit integration network connection enhancements.

– Added ability for label printers to display modifiers when multiples are used.

– Refinements to KMS auto expanding functionality.

– Twilio integration handshake enhancements.

– Added time based products functionality.

– Multi member sale processing enhancements.

– Added barcode functionality for online orders.

– Refined customer display content download process.

– Added special pricing at a product level in menu flows processing.

– Completed Vantiv payments integration.

– Added ability to print master group split in receipts.

– Added ability to auto print bump screen delivery docket on order received.

– Added ability to accept a credit card tip without taking ash out of the cash drawer.

– Conducted modifiers overhaul.

– Added the ability to apply a configurable discount amount to a kiosk sale.

– Created menu flows opt-in/out functionality.

– Completed Verifone New Zealand integration.

– Added ability to print off chit of cash variance on a report reset.

– Completed Latipay payment integration (Alipay & WeChat).


– Enhancements to editing subwage values.

– Added auto generated logon number option when duplicating clerks.

– Enhancements to stocktake templates.

– Enhancements to table layouts.

– Enhancements to wages display assignments.