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19.01 Release Notes


– Enhancements to web orders expiry based on day close time set per location.

– Improvements to voucher redemptions for xchangepoint.

– Created transaction count export for Starbucks.

– Several data exports to facilitate reporting & financial requirements for Starbucks.

– Improved exceeded drink alert so that the members name and member number is included in automatic emails.

– Improved drink email alert by adding an information about location in which member exceeds available number of drinks.

– Enhanced Crunchtime export for sales with items with swapped out ingredients made on xchangepoint.

– Improvements to locations application loading within xchangefusion.


– Purchase order application cache enhancements.

– Performance enhancements to stock transfers application.

– Improved KMS template assignment view.

– Supplier name improvements to purchase orders application.

– Tax enhancements to purchase order application.

– Functionality enhancements to stock transfers application.

– Keypad designer UI enhancements.

– .CSV export enhancements for stock transfers application.

– Financial year parameter enhancements for report viewer application.

– Xero integration improvements for specific locations.

– Price level field improvements in terminal setup application.

– Picking slip enhancements in stock transfers application.

– Configuration options for STMP setup details in auto email configuration within purchase orders application.

– Product setup application enhancements.

– Correction of float type assignment to media in terminal media application.

– Resolved purchase order product population issue.

– UI improvements to invoices application.

– Refined process to switch between suppliers in purchase order templates.

– Resolved cash deposits issue.

– Changed purchase order template to display purchasable items only.

– Changed population of products for purchase order templates to display only one of each product that available for selected venues shown on the list.

– Improvements to purchase order PDF generation on approval.

– Swappable product enhancements to recipes in product application.

– Invoices multiple product enhancements.

– Filtering enhancements to wastage template in stock wastage application.

– Clerk access control improvements to locations in stock wastage application.

– Improved user access control for inventory permissions.

– New stocktake template enhancements.

– Resolved options button issue in invoices application.

– Clerk password enhancements in clerk setup application.

– Promotional menu flow period and active day time saving improvements.

– Created ship to location setting in purchase order application.

– Improved discounts view to transaction viewer application.

– Enhancements to menu management application.

– Improved cash value on receipt in transaction viewer application.

– Location view enhancements to sales tab when viewing multi member transactions in member setup application.

– Population improvements for report resets within open cash deposit in cash deposits application.

– Product search by supplier code while adding products to an invoice enhancements for invoices application.

– Added ability to set background color to products in product setup application.

– Added ability to set kilojoules and dietary tags to menu flows.


– Completed Converge payment gateway integration for online orders in mobile/web applications.

– Added dietary tags array for online menu in API.

– Improvements to returning transaction data from transactions endpoint.

– Families assignment improvements to Ungerboeck integration.

– Task gift card introduced as a payment provider option for pay key.

– Supplier details enhancements for suppliers with no products attached.

– Completed integration for 3rd party online orders.

– Improved order request date in exported purchase orders to Bunzl integration.

– Improved Norco purchase orders integration.

– Improvements to location gl code call.

– Added new endpoint to allow editing existing medias.

– Improvements to online order status endpoint.

– Added new endpoint to retrieve products with highest/lowest sold quantity in selected date range.

– Added new endpoint that returns the slowest / top selling location per period.

– Added menu flow notes endpoint.

– Added state to menu flow product model.

– Enhanced endpoints for email notifications.

– Improved Crunchtime export by hours so that exported data is based on the hour the sale processed.

– Added ability to modify specific values for location, venue and product setup.


– Business dashboard report added to library.

– Improved time of generating daily cash report with master group report.

– Added state breakdown in day of week group comparison by location report.

– Added state breakdown in weekly product comparison by category report.

– Outstanding purchase orders report added to library.

– Library stock on hand gp report added to library.

– Top products by customer trends report added to library.

– Customer trends by trading period report added to library.

– Product article report added to library.

– Regional product mix report by member added to library.

– Regional new members by date report added to library.

– Regional loyalty feedback report added to library.

– Regional daily sales member vs non member report added to library.

– Regional period media comparison report added to library.

– Regional product mix comparison by family report added to library.

– Regional no sales audit added to library.

– Regional monthly sales year to date added to library.

– Top lifetime points members details added to library.

– Points activity audit by location added to library.

– Loyalty program summary by location added to library.

– Credit sales exceeding threshold added to library.

– Web order statistics with points activity added to library.

– Web order summary all locations added to library.


– Scrolling enhancements to client specific application.

– Order confirmation board improvements for displaying orders.

– Calorie calculation enhancements to client specific application.

– Previous and favorite orders UI enhancements.

– Attract screen enhancements.

– Added triggered upsell menu flow functionality.

– Enhanced member configuration options.

– Added product background color assignment.

– Split payment by number of guests, or by percentage.

– Improved print on table charge functionality.

– Added ability to edit.

Mobile Applications

– Content management enhancements.

– Side menu enhancements.

– Ordering UI enhancements.

– Load time improvements.

– Improved error handling.

– Update email enhancements.

– Contact us enhancements.

– Linking physical card enhancements.

– Log in with face ID enhancements.

Online Ordering

– Added special instructions to menu flows.

– Created ability to open product modal via URL.

– Order Checkout as guest improvements.

– Sign up view improvements.

– Upsell enhancements.

– Checkout view refinements.

– Cart view refinements.

– Added store view functionality.

– Order summary template implemented.

– Reset password improvements.

– Email templates refinements.


– Loading improvements to dashboard module.

– Added ability for advanced searching across multiple fields in product module.

– Extended filtering for get products.


– Hard reboot content scheduling enhancements.