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20.11 Release Notes

Jan 24 2021
Release notes


  • We have implemented a loyalty integration with Cheetah Digital
  • You can now assign multiple clerks to a single cash drawer
  • Float chits from cash deposits can now display the same information as from POS managed floats
  • Orders will no longer incorrectly display as 'pending' for table charge items when 'stream orders to bump' is enabled
  • Cleared items will print all attached instructions as intended
  • Resolved an issue on large orders with multiple keyboard entries that could cause additional duplicates of the keyboard entries to show on a print out
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause a keyboard entry to not print on receipt or journal prints
  • We've enhanced our pricing display on journal and receipt print outs for menu flows
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause the 'collect' external rewards button not to display at certain points of a transaction
  • Clearing a member with the clear member key will now remove any member specific discounts from the sale window as intended
  • Consolidated the surcharge line item into one line where it was displaying multiple times in certain transaction scenarios
  • Resolved an issue with surcharge scheduling that could cause it not to activate for certain start / end dates
  • Media and payment information will display at the bottom of the transaction in the sale window as intended when using the 'Send & Store' table functionality
  • Resolved an intermittent issue which could cause Menu Flow Templates with multiple conditional links to not trigger correctly
  • Enhancements to our Advanced Update process after data files have been cleared from the admin page
  • Performing a tip adjustment will no longer create an additional sale record
  • The Adjust Tip button will display as intended when a user recalls a transaction on xchangepoint
  • Closing the 'Edit Seats' form by pressing the OK button will no longer cause the seats to not appear in the sale window
  • Resolved some UI discrepancies for overlaps on the Family keypad button type
  • The recipe modification form will open for products within menu flow templates as intended in certain configurations
  • Implemented additional gates to ensure the keypad won't refresh mid transaction from a scheduled update check
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause journal prints to not print on a table charge
  • Cancelling seats on table layout will no longer incorrectly open the table after the action
  • Improved our messaging for SVS gift cards when a user tries to finalize with insufficient funds
  • Added configurable parameters to set a maximum tip size for clerk entered tips
  • The clerk role will now be included in the clock in, so the server is no longer prompted to complete their checkout process.
  • Logging or clocking in clerks will no longer display non-terminal operators on the tool bar
  • Resolved a UI issue that could cause the "Full Table" in the "Edit Seats" view to not display as intended
  • The 'Start Table' button on the sale window will no longer intermittently not open
  • Resolved a duplicate journal printing issue for certain order types
  • Transferring a table from a slave terminal is now working as intended
  • Printing for an individual seat will no longer display the totals for the whole table
  • Resolved an issue that wouldn't let a clerk cash out a $0.00 sale from a table
  • Hitting 'Pay' after splitting a table is now saving changes as intended
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that could cause the sale options not to display
  • Clerks can no longer add items to another clerks table without sufficient permissions
  • The Edit Seats form will now open if a user has added multiple products to the sale under Full Table
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a clerk to not be able to log out if no tables were open on the terminal
  • Resolved some infrequent issues around transferring tables between clerks
  • Adding recipe modifications with multiple instructions will now display under the parent product as intended
  • Resolved an issue that could cause refunds of sales with surcharges to not pass over the surcharge to the pin pad
  • xchangepoint will no longer double prompt for a member pin after inputting the incorrect pin
  • Resolved some web order finalization issues for Suites orders that were paid by credit card
  • Printing a journal from the keypad from a previous order is now working as intended
  • Resolved some UI issues for KMS on 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Improved the display order of the sales window when multiple menu flows are added in the same transaction
  • Improved the error messaging for a failed gift card transaction
  • Only the room charge amount will send through via our Protel / Travelodge integration as intended
  • Triggering a menu flow price action when a promo menu flow is already applied to the sale is now working as intended
  • Enabling the "Apply Price Change to Positive and Negative Items" option will no longer cause the menu flow pop up to not operate properly
  • Refunding a transaction that contains a menu flow will no longer display the incorrect price for the voided item
  • Label printing will no longer display the Table Number by default
  • Resolved some footer bar UI issues that could occur during an auto download of a new xchangepoint version
  • Combining tables in xchangepoint will refresh the UI as intended to display all relevant merge information
  • The menu flow header will display correctly on the bump screen when stream to bump is used
  • Stored orders will create a new order cell as intended
  • We have improved the performance of our tax calculation in xchangepoint
  • Items from previous transactions that used the same table number will no longer appear sporadically on journal print outs
  • Added some additional error messaging for member accounts that attempt to be overpaid when "disable overpay" is enabled
  • Resolved an issue that would block 'read only' items from being refunded
  • Finalizing a $0.00 transaction will no longer open OPOS cash drawers
  • The Order Details header will now fit longer descriptions properly
  • Improvements to the performance, caching and update process of our BATA integration
  • Resolved a caching issue with view permissions across multiple logins
  • Saving a newly added Journal printer from xchangepoint will now save as intended for Printer Products


  • Added additional customization options for the journal print out for web orders
  • We've added a new Terminal Printer setting to allow you to display or hide the "Cash out" line from a receipt
  • Users can now use semicolons on their keypad button names without receiving an error in xchangefusion
  • The Online Menu ID is now displayed on the Online Menu app, to allow for easier trouble shooting and identifying online menus for API use
  • Added a new location setting which enables default values for the end of day report time (per day) in the Location Setup app
  • Improved the customization options for PAR Min and PAR Max for Bulk Stock Transfers
  • We have fixed some print out spacing issues for transactions that contain products with multiple modifiers
  • We have cleaned up the data that displays on picking slips for Stock Transfers in xchangefusion
  • Room charge signature image will display in the xchangefusion > Transaction Viewer as intended
  • The Compare Terminals form in the Terminal Setup application will now display the Auto EOD Float Close setting as intended
  • Loading a Bunzl Purchase Order will not longer close the preview order window
  • Users can no longer change unit values on a committed Bunzl Purchase Order
  • Users can no longer delete an approved Bunzl Purchase Order
  • Invoices will now display the PLU instead of Product ID
  • Resolved an issue with nutritional information import where bulk imports could miss a PLU
  • Nutritional import with kilojoules will now convert correctly to calories
  • Import tags are no longer case sensitive for nutritional imports
  • Selecting multiple concurrent Managed Versions in Keypad Designer will no longer cause the UI to display the incorrect configuration
  • Default stock location will be populated for the clerk in question when creating a new invoice
  • Purchase quantity cost is recalculated correctly when purchase quantity is rounded (when using 'selected rounding mode')
  • Improved our action validation when configuring a menu flow to avoid menu flows being corrupted
  • Performance improvements to the initial load time of the Menu Flows app in xchangefusion
  • Exporting member data from the Export application is now working as intended
  • Adding products to an active stocktake should no longer occasionally not allow the product to be added
  • Resolved an issue that could cause terminals with certain order type settings enabled to not be selectable in the Terminal Setup app
  • Terminals will no longer intermittently display as offline when they are online in the Terminal Setup app in xchangefusion
  • Changing the location of an xchangepoint device from xchangefusion will no longer apply surcharges from the previously configured location


  • TASK API will now default to the V3 controllers
  • STRIPE payment provider has been implemented for our API and TOLO platform
  • Postcode and City are submitting correctly on the V3 Auth Member Sign Up end points
  • Improvements to our Swagger documentation for V3 controllers
  • Users can now delete members with payment accounts associated to the member
  • The GET > OnlineMenu call will now return all tags as intended
  • Added Google API settings details to the LoyaltyApp end points
  • Special trading hours are returning as intended for all location end points that return trading hours
  • Improved the speed of the GET > Transactions end point, which could cause timeouts in Portal
  • Resolved an infrequent issue that could cause a user to receive a "multiple users use this email" error when logging in to Portal
  • Resolved an issue that could cause specific items to not return for Member Transaction calls
  • Performance enhancements to our API caching


  • Resolved an intermittent syncing issue with our Opera integration after a connection outage
  • Performance and connectivity improvements to our Opera Interface
  • Resolved an email report sending issue for some HTTPS URL's


  • The Merge Table report will show the correct clerk if multiple clerks were attached to the tables
  • The Table Charge History Audit by Location report is now showing all product information as intended for tables that were split
  • Performance improvements to Order Type and Sale Reason by Location report


  • We have added the Terminal Royalty Fees & Terminal Royal Payments to the TASK Data Warehouse
  • We’ve exposed the Universal Tag Group Assignment and Terminal Product Tag Table in Data Warehouse
  • Data for the Terminal Business Months will update as intended in Data Warehouse
  • Transaction ID on finalization for the Terminal Order Sales will consistently update as intended in Data Warehouse
  • The 'Disable SMS PLU' is now set to true by default


  • TAPP has been updated to use our V3 API
  • Updated our TAPP framework to resolve some iOS 14 specific issues around network offline messaging and the date selector
  • TASK App will now display a location as 'closed' on the UI if it's trading hours for the day are less than 2 minutes

For full release notes for individual apps, please see check the App Store / Play Store for features and fixes.


  • Resolved a performance issue on the Suites app that could cause an large load time after creating a new suite