TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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19.04 Release Notes

May 06 2019
Release notes


- Extra Instructions have been added in TerminalOrderSales to data warehouse.

- New Netsuite sales report.

- Crunchtime integration improvements.

- Added daily trading periods and terminal options to data warehouse.

- Added cash drawer stats to data warehouse.

- Added terminal data table names to data warehouse.

- Added terminal data sessions user changes to data warehouse.

- Added terminal financial year setup to data warehouse.

- Added table history tables to data warehouse.

- Added sold product PLU to terminal sales items to data ware house.

- Improvements to downloading terminal pricing.

- Improvements to downloading keypad assignment.

- Added sales summary changes.

- Improvements to Tyro Pay At Table integration.

- Improvements to PUT/api/v1/(invoicedid) endpoints for invoicing functionality.

- Improvements to barcode processing.


- Improvements to removing products from products from promotional menu flows.

- Added URL config for loyalty app promotions.

- Improvements to member campaigns start and end dates.

- Improvements to copying member campaigns.

- Improvements to menu flow image assignment.

- Improvements to keypad designer.

- Improvements to automatic reports.

- Improvements to product description in price settings for menu flows.

- Improvements to bulk recipe changes.

- Improvements to clerk imports.

- Improvements to reports for processing large data requests.


- Added Converge setting endpoint.

- Added Loyalty app promotion endpoint.

- Improvements to online ordering endpoints.

- Improvements to online menu endpoints.

- Added Converge session token endpoint.

- Improvements for returning modifier name for items within Menu Flow Activation collection in online order by endpoint GET /api/v1/OnlineOrders/{id}

- Improvements to member points endpoint.

- Improvements to location opening times endpoint.

- Added universal tags to menu flows endpoints.

- Added unavailable products within menu flow endpoint.

- Added state and stock amount details in menu flow endpoints.

- Improvements to pending transfers endpoint.

- Improvements to Microsoft Dynamics integration.

- Added location code files to terminal allocation endpoint.

- Added ability to filter zero quantity products to Bunzl EDI integration.

- Improvements to web orders endpoints.

- Improvements to OLO integration.


- Scrolling improvements.

- Improvements to vouchers in checkout screen.


- Improvements to downloading all changes.


- Improvements to retrieving members and member free products for member campaigns..

- Improvements to API calls for posting ratings to player account in Bally integration.

- Report parameter refinements.


- Added scale paring options.

- Improvements to finalizing web orders.

- Improvements to credit card setup.

- Improvements to EOD report details on slip.

- Improvements to Bally integration.

- Additions to cash drawer functionality.

- Improvements to KMS functionality for payment status.

- Improvements to Smartlink integration.

- Improvements to refunding menu flows.


- Added location parameter to library web order sales review report.

- Improvements to stocktake templates.