TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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19.03 Release Notes

Apr 08 2019
Release notes


- Improvements to stock transfers being received.

- Improvements to customer display product images display.

- Enhancements to Bunzl EDI integration.

- Added further member change logs.

- Add filters and controls for tag assignment.

- Member campaigns records enhancements.

- Added hierarchies for recipe substitutes.


- UI enhancements to product app for availability and bulk changes.

- Added ability to select and assign multiple sales reasons to a discount keytype.

- Added ability for future dated orders.

- Enhancements to subwage removals.

- Enhancements to purchase orders email address configuration - informing users to add prior to approval.

- Twilio integration enhancements for terminal settings.

- Improvements to price change scheduling.

- Added new kiosk terminal setting for Eftpos commands.

- Cash management app refinements.

- Xero integration syncing enhancements.

- Enhancements to manual sales app for ability to add multiple days.

- Added ability to add HEX values into kiosk UI settings.

- Enhancements to kiosk app configuration options.


- Pickup time enhancements.


- Payment type button label enhancements.

- Added ability to display fast product add to cart UI on menu flows.

- Reduced animation time on menu flow product adds.

- Added configuration options for displaying receipts.

- As is product selection improvements.

- Added opt in logic for SMS & email capture.

Mobile Applications

- Enhancements to Azure integration.

-Enhancements to membership sign in / up.


- Enhancements to Opera interface.

- PDA offline enhancements.

- Report parameter refinements.


- KMS UI enhancements.

- Printing improvements.

- Tax and discounting enhancements.

- Keyboard entry functionality enhancements.

- End of day process enhancements.

- Card connect integration enhancements for error handling.

- Ingenico device enhancements for display screen.

- Quest device enhancements.

- Upsizing and added further item to sale refinements.

- Added ability to modify online orders and restore it.

- Tables finalization enhancements.

- Member account charge enhancements.

- Tyro pay at table improvements.

- Voucher redemption refinements.

- Added new logic to network status notification form.

- Label printing improvements.

- PCEFTPOS integration enhancements.

- Tipping functionality enhancements.

- Transaction viewer searching improvements.

- Added ability to sort multi plu alphabetically.

- Added label printing for web orders on default prep times.

- Added barcode functionality to online orders.

- Added customer display download process to kiosk download method.

- Improvements to software update logic.

- Membership program status logic enhancements to customer display.


- Improvements to web order sales review report.