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Mad Mex

Fueling adventures with authentic Mexican flavors

Mad Mex is a leading fast-casual restaurant chain in Australia, renowned for its fresh, authentic Mexican flavors and commitment to quality ingredients. With a passion for fueling adventures, Mad Mex provides a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere where guests can customize their burritos, bowls, tacos, and more to satisfy their cravings.

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POS, KDS, Kiosk, Display, Mobile Order & Pay, Loyalty, API



About Mad Mex

Mad Mex is not your average Mexican eatery. They’re all about fueling active lives with fresh, authentic Mexican flavors. Since 2006, they’ve been serving up customizable burritos, bowls, nachos, and more, all made with real ingredients and a commitment to quality. With a focus on simple, fresh, and honest food, Mad Mex has become a go-to destination for Australians seeking delicious and wholesome meals.


TASK’s platform seamlessly integrated all of Mad Mex’s critical functions – from POS and inventory management to online ordering, loyalty programs, and even digital signage – into a single, cohesive system. This streamlined approach promised to simplify their operations, empower their team with real-time insights, and ultimately, enhance the Mad Mex experience for their valued customers. Beyond the technology itself, TASK’s collaborative approach and willingness to tailor solutions to Mad Mex’s specific needs solidified their decision.


“TASK has a proven track record spanning over fifteen years, delivering feature-rich solutions. Their dynamic road map aligns perfectly with our growth strategy and ultimately, it was their forward-thinking approach to innovation that made them our ideal partner.”

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