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Stronger Together: Plexure and TASK Now TASK Group

By Elsa Klein

We’re pleased to announce that Plexure and TASK are now part of TASK Group.

As a global brand since 2010, Plexure has been instrumental in engaging customers on mobile devices and driving them to stores with personalized offers, mobile order and pay, loyalty, and seamless operations integration. With over 323 million users on its platform in 66 countries and 40 languages, Plexure is a key strategic technology partner for McDonald’s.

Incorporated in 2000, TASK has pioneered globally scalable, mature POS applications supported by the TASK cloud to deliver real-time sales data, centralized POS terminal management, interactive customer engagement, and unbeatable integration capability and scalability. This has made the TASK transaction management platform the system of choice for some of the world’s biggest hospitality brands.

The merger of Plexure and TASK represents a new milestone for both brands. Plexure’s customer base will continue to be supported as a division of TASK Group, and the world-renowned offerings from Plexure will be incorporated into TASK’s enhanced product portfolio.

As TASK advances technology and draws more hospitality brands into the network, TASK Group’s top priority is to provide secure and scalable POS systems to support stronger connections between brands and their customers.

TASK and Plexure’s shared vision made this acquisition possible. TASK Group will continue to approach the role of a technology provider through collaborative partnerships with clients – one that promises to offer clients a world-class solution of even greater breadth.

With a shared mission of delivering the future of customer satisfaction through unparalleled technology and tailored personalization, the merged entity is poised to take on the global market. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and passionate experts at every level will strive for excellence through innovation, superior service, and seamless end-to-end experiences across all channels and venues.