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A person holding a phone with a QR code on it representing QR code ordering for table service at a restaurant.

Benefits of a QR Code Table Ordering System for Restaurants

By Dave Taylor

Thinking about offering table ordering technology at your restaurant?

More convenience, increased profits, and happier customers. Table ordering systems let customers drive their own experience while also streamlining your restaurant’s workflow.

When it comes to how customers order, table ordering apps are all the rage at the moment – but how do they work exactly, what are the benefits, and are they really worth it?

Here’s a breakdown of the new trend that’s changing table service for good.

What is a table ordering system?

Table ordering systems are designed to provide totally contactless service to seated customers.

Paperless, streamlined, and efficient – tableside ordering allows customers to browse the menu, order food and drinks at any time, and pay the bill when they’re ready.

Table ordering systems combine the best part of online ordering with digital payment processing (such as via Apple Pay or Google Pay) – and it’s proving to be a powerful way for businesses to increase their impact, improve customer experience and lead the restaurant experience.

What is QR Code Table Ordering?

Table ordering starts with posting QR codes at each table.

Customers scan the unique QR code with their phone’s dedicated app to get immediate access to the restaurant’s customized digital menu – something generally linked with your back-end and featuring POS integrations to ensure that your menu features exactly the dishes you have available that day.

From there, diners can select items, request add-ons or alterations, and place their order, all via the same app. It’s online ordering, supercharged. At any time during their meal, they can order drinks or more food. When they’re ready to go, they can pay, split the bill, and add a tip right from their phone. It’s a bit like using the table number to identify your order – but brought into the 21st century with an intelligent mobile app and making your diners’ experience more covid secure.

QR ordering can make any restaurant essentially self-service, without sacrificing the dine-in experience. No grimy menus, waiting diners, stressed servers or lost receipts – just streamlined, direct communication, a quick scan of a QR code, and less time wasted waiting on orders.

Why You Need Online Ordering for Your Restaurant

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Increase in average order value (AOV)

How often do customers lose out on mid-meal orders because they don’t feel comfortable flagging down a server? Let the ordering app take care of it.

Studies show that table ordering increases average customer spend by 5% compared to ordering in person.

One of the easiest ways to amp up your restaurant’s average order value is to make the process of ordering more convenient for your diners. That means immediate menu and ordering access at the touch of a button.

Improve Customer Experience

According to this study from Deloitte, the leading factor influencing restaurants today is convenience.

Customers want fast, reliable service that makes it easy to ask for what they want. With total control over timing and little communication necessary, table ordering is the solution to bringing that convenience to customers.

And the numbers back it up: 64% prefer to order digitally on-premises at a QSR. It also gives back to your staff the time taking orders – freeing up more for delivery, keeping the front of house presentable, bussing tables, and improving the general experience.

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Empower guests to take control of their dining experience with mobile tableside ordering.

In an industry defined by its social atmosphere, a dining venue is all about the customer experience. Smart technology can uplift the guest experience by streamlining ordering and payment processes without sacrificing the bustle and excitement of being in a restaurant – and give your business a boost too.

It’s faster and easier, and it gives customers total ordering control.

Table ordering is absolutely the preferred trend by diners and it’s growing in popularity every day – not least of all because it helps facilitate contactless ordering, but can improve order speed too.

By empowering guests to control their experience, restaurant businesses today are improving the services that people really care about – fast response, accurate orders, and good food at a good price.

Reimagine Hospitality

There’s a reason why half of hospitality operators in the US plan on implementing automation tech in the near future, and that includes a dedicated ordering app.

Order accuracy and consistency means better service and higher profits. The future of the restaurant industry is digital, and leaders across the industry are investing in integrated technology.

But it’s not just about having the tech – it’s important for restaurants to customize their digital experience. Customers prefer branded experiences that bring a restaurant’s personality to life. Research shows that personalized features and branded messaging is the key to actually boosting profits.

Flexible, efficient service is a win-win for restaurants and guests.

It’s no secret that venues are struggling with labour shortages. Just as well QR code ordering is helping bridge that gap.

By encouraging guests to become their own servers, restaurants don’t need as many front-of-house staff. Ordering through a mobile app and via QR codes cuts labour costs and provides better consistency for diners at the same time. Guests have more control over when and how they order; plus, digitalized workflow replaces human error and cost.

Table ordering is the piece of the technology puzzle that helps transform the workings of a restaurant business to become more accurate, efficient, and successful.

Collect valuable guest data that’s fully integrated into your POS.

Behind the scenes, powerful point-of-sale (POS) systems can help restaurant operators get a full picture of their sales and diners’ preferences. But that information is only useful if you can easily access and analyze it.

49% of restaurant owners said the “technologies that don’t talk to each other” was their biggest tech issue.

The solution? Invest in table ordering systems that fully integrate with your POS – making it easy to store guest data collected from tableside service.

Access information about what, when, and where your items sell best. Cross-reference insight on what marketing tactics work best for upselling and boosting add-ons. Integrated POS systems can even help you personalize your digital ordering system to better serve customers, and help you direct people to revenue-generating specials.

Easy to update items & prices on a digital menu

Digital menus help QSRs communicate specials, prices, and sold-out items to their clientele in real-time.

Rather than relying on scribbled chalkboards or servers to relay information from the kitchen, digital menus (linked by a QR code and a powerful app) automatically update across touchpoints even during service. You can even customize your digital menu to reflect the options at a specific restaurant in a chain

It’s like having your website shop linked directly with your inventory – and ensures that diners aren’t promised something that the kitchen can’t deliver.

Restaurants can effectively market specific items through table ordering apps and digital signage at the click of a button. Effective and efficient, POS systems help improve communication between management, staff, and customers.


Table ordering systems bring together the best of smart restaurant technology to present a branded experience for those dining in.

The future of the restaurant industry is all about convenience for diners and data analysis for businesses. Table ordering through TASK’s integrated POS systems hits both marks.

The technology can improve order accuracy and service, cut customer wait times, and help collect customer and sales data.

Table ordering is changing the dynamics of on-premise dining across the industry – truly a win-win for customers and restaurants alike.