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Professional Services

our business is built on service, because yours is.

Your business is built on service, and that’s why ours is too.

We know the value of a happy customer and an enhanced user experience and that’s why we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure every project is a success.

Engineering consultancy.

We’ve already developed our industry-leading platform based on simplified architecture, easy-to-use applications, and an integrated back-end. We back it up with a spotlight on service to make life simple for our customers, letting them stay focused on what matters. Our engineering consultancy team can help with the things you just don’t have time to do; anything from infrastructure set-up to pricing updates, system administration, or training.

Installation and onboarding.

While every project is different, we’ve deployed enough to know that the devil is in the detail. Our go-live process depends on the size and scope of your installation, as does our preferred training methodology. Once system configuration is complete, we’ll commence implementation of a phased training program that includes documentation. Your team will receive instruction and information on system administration, integration, and support & maintenance, ensuring TASK-specific knowledge is embedded in your team.