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Task's Point of Sale Solution

create seamless transactions

Global Brands

the biggest brands across the globe have our POS

you focus on your customer experience

let us do the rest…

We can see the big picture

But we know it’s about the little things too. While we deliver everything you’d expect, we’ve also gone the extra mile…that’s why we’ve perfected features designed to offer real improvement in speed and efficiency and to make your brand shine.

Bring your brand to life

easily customize your point of sale to create a string of brand-focused touchpoints.

Create a system that works with you

customize your workflow and streamline your counter order entry to measurably improve your speed of service.

Works offline

No internet, no issue.

Determine your own course

customize order flow regardless of the point of origin.

Multiple Vertices

casinos, stadiums, QSR, fast casual dining, franchise groups, and large-scale food services are compatible

Product Management

Easily manage menus, keypads, and products, including images.


Easily add menu modifications to any product or menu flow.

Conversational Ordering

Allow customers to order the way they want too through our advanced configuration options.

Special Instructions

Manage customer requirements, e.g., “No mayo with that.”

Device Options

TASK can run on multiple devices with options to leverage current hardware.

Split Bills

Split however you like with multiple payment options per split.

order management

manage orders regardless of where they originated from

endless payment options

mobile, cash, and account charge

You name it, we’ve got it.

email receipts

designed for your brand

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