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Sushi Sushi

Guilt-free Fun

Born in Australia, Sushi Sushi champions local produce and flavours. This commitment not only supports Australian farmers but also means every bite is of the highest quality. They celebrate the joy of eating through a lens of health and sustainability, offering a menu that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your palate.

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Point of sale, data warehouse, enterprise management, online ordering, mobile ordering and loyalty app, inventory, API and reporting


Australia, New Zealand, USA

About Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi is an Australian success story. For more than 26 years they have been pioneering the Aussie sushi category and celebrating guilt-free fun with their customers. As champions of local produce and flavours, they are known for their high-quality ingredients and diverse menu. Found in shopping centres, on the high streets, in universities, supermarkets, hospitals and airports, Sushi Sushi has established a strong presence in key locations, providing convenient access across Australia.


After an extensive evaluation process to examine the marketplace and competitive landscape, TASK was earmarked as an early frontrunner, and following a thorough due diligence process, we were delighted to be chosen as a major partner to Sushi Sushi.

Our extensive touch points, the seamless integration offered by a single provider, efficient store-front transaction management, centralized web-delivered enterprise control, and TASK’s unparalleled expertise in customer-facing applications and industry-leading loyalty engines all played pivotal roles in shaping our decision.


“TASK has a proven track record spanning over fifteen years, delivering feature-rich solutions. Their dynamic road map aligns perfectly with our growth strategy and ultimately, it was their forward-thinking approach to innovation that made them our ideal partner.”

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