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An illustration of a restaurant platform, showing some loyalty statistics.

Maximize Restaurant Operations With Your Digital Stack

By Dave Taylor

With today’s rapidly changing market conditions and consumer demands, restaurants need to invest in innovative technologies to keep up. From a Point of Sale (POS) system to payroll software to an online ordering platform and digital marketing suite, it’s almost impossible to imagine running a restaurant without smart technology.

While all these digital tools help streamline processes and reduce margins, they can also pose some continuity challenges if they don’t integrate properly. Because hospitality businesses often invest in technology bit-by-bit as their needs morph and grow, there is a tendency to choose different vendors for each digital tool.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with working across multiple platforms, the truth of the matter is that it often causes friction and miscommunication between employees later down the line. When it comes to your digital stack, integration is the key focus. Your POS should be synchronized with every point of technology across a consistent interface. Improve access to your data, connect your team more efficiently, and prepare your brand for the future.

Choosing an all-in-one platform means seamless integration across every software and touchpoint. It will make your systems easier for staff to learn while supporting better internal communication and operations.

Here’s how a transaction management platform can transform your restaurant for your guests, team, and business.

Technology to support customers

An all-in-one platform makes it possible to curate flawless digital experiences for your guests. Research shows that 46% of customers want restaurants to provide more online and automated ordering capabilities, and 43% prefer digital payment methods.

Not only does a single-vendor technology stack offer more streamlined digital options for guests, but an all-in-one platform makes it easy to expand technologies as you grow.

Streamlined, centralized tech sends a clear message to guests that your brand is forward-thinking. With a better digital customer experience, your loyalty will improve, along with overall order spending and website sales.

Integrated technology allows you to engage with your guests, reduce ordering errors, and uncover customer insights – all helping your brand keep service aligned with demand more easily.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with a Transaction Management Platform

A digital transaction management platform streamlines business operations for hospitality businesses, saving money and time.

Save time and improve operations

Working between multiple sources can be confusing and lead to lost data and deflated sales. With an all-in-one platform, restaurants can synchronize every digital point for better service and operational efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  • Direct integration to track food orders, staff time, stock management, and customer data.
  • No need to update multiple platforms to keep up with small operational, website, or menu changes.
  • Receive and process orders in real-time with immediate communication between back and front of house.
  • Control your food delivery schedule, staff schedule, and easily manage payroll and behind-the-scenes paperwork.

Simply put, technology works best for restaurants when it is fully integrated. With the entire industry moving towards digitization, it’s essential for restaurants to think about how their POS software links together to provide the best efficiency possible as they grow.

Connect your team

It’s hard enough to start a new job – new people, new processes, new expectations. The last thing a new restaurant employee should struggle with is learning how to move between conflicting technologies.

All-in-one restaurant platforms feature consistent, intuitive design to help make the training and transition process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. The idea is to learn one simple digital system, which is then implemented across the restaurant.

New strides forward for employee efficiency include:

  • Hand-held ordering devices, saving time commuting between physical POS hardware
  • Self-ordering kiosks, taking pressure off front-of-house staff during peak hours
  • Integration with kitchen management systems to streamline cooking procedures

It isn’t just about trying to save employee hours and boosting productivity. While these are undeniable benefits, all-in-one systems are also a redeeming feature for employees, helping them communicate more effectively, prioritize their time and energy, and stay organized in a busy working environment.

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Save money and boost revenue

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line: what’s the ROI?

Higher efficiency behind the scenes, faster staff training, and better customer support are all essential aspects of running a successful brand. Boosting revenue requires optimization at every level of operation, the elimination of friction, and the use of customer data to inform better business decisions.

Transaction management platforms allow you to design, re-design, and implement changes across your website and technology to tap into these key areas to improve efficiency.

Single-vendor digital services allow brands to develop their own ordering app, eliminating the need for costly third-party food delivery commissions.

Integrated technology simply means better productivity for restaurant businesses. To make more out of your services, staff, and customers, you need technology that drives forward optimization across the board.

One system to lead your restaurant forward

78% of limited-service restaurants say that technology in a restaurant is important to maintain a competitive edge in the food market. As better automation leads to faster, data-driven service for customers, it’s no wonder that 80% of customers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience.

As the industry continues to incorporate more digital tools and POS touchpoints into the order, payment, and cooking process, it’s essential to consider how your brand will keep up. Investing in an all-in-one system is the best way to ensure your restaurant’s technology is integrated and consistent.

Improve the customer experience, give staff a better chance to succeed, and boost revenue potential by focusing on a streamlined, all-in-one restaurant platform.