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TASK Wins Contract Extension With the Foodco Group

By Elsa Klein

TASK announced today that they have extended their contract with Foodco Group for a further five years, signifying over a decade of innovative partnership between the two organizations.

With nearly 600 locations in seven countries, Foodco Group operates multiple retail brands including Crocs Playcentres and BeanGiving Retail, as well as enterprise systems including Foodco Services, BeanGiving Office, Jahnus (specialty roasting services).

The TASK transaction management platform powers over 450 of Foodco’s Jamaica Blue and Muffin Break branded stores globally, including those in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia.

Foodco Group has seen enormous progress since partnering with TASK. They have expanded the integration capabilities of their POS platform at scale through implementing TASK-built loyalty and mobile apps for both brands. Other strategic initiatives in recent years include adding online ordering tools and building seamless integration between their POS system and third-party aggregators.

The group will continue to utilize the comprehensive TASK platform for managing its transactions across all channels, and they look forward to ongoing developments for digital optimization. With the merger of TASK and Plexure, Foodco will experience the combined power of TASK’s software with added expertise in data-driven customer engagement and personalization services.

“The Foodco Group is akin to a family member for TASK – we have a great long-term relationship based on an outstanding cultural fit and shared vision,” explains Dean Houlden, General Manager at TASK. “We are delighted to see that relationship extended and we consider it a strong indicator of the ongoing success of our partnership.”