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Bakers Delight Implements TASK’s Transaction Management Platform

By Elsa Klein

Bakers Delight Holdings, after an extensive evaluation process, has implemented TASK’s transaction management platform across 720+ bakeries in Australia, NZ, Canada, and the US.

“Bakers Delight identified a requirement to replace our existing legacy POS system which has been in place for many years with a new enterprise solution for all bakeries to be implemented in tandem with a multi-faceted network, payments system, and hardware upgrade. We conducted an extremely detailed and thorough RFP process in search of the latest cutting-edge software with some imperative prerequisites, namely an enterprise architecture, large-scale scalability, superior functionality, and a system with the capacity to take advantage of the emerging mobile and wireless technology space. Task’s xchangexec superseded all others in the market and the Task company was also selected as the best cultural fit for our organization. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding partnership, working closely with Task on this project which will no doubt result in great benefits for our franchise partners and for head office.”

Said Joanne Stubbs, CIO, Bakers Delight Holdings.

“Task is absolutely delighted to have successfully partnered with the highly regarded iconic brand that is Bakers Delight. Personally, I have been in this industry for many years, we founded the business in 2000 and have aspired to provide Bakers Delight with our systems since inception. To see Bakers Delight join our customer family is truly a fantastic result and we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership for many years to come.”

Said Daniel Houden, CEO, Task Retail Technology.

About Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight is Australia’s most successful bakery franchise. Over the past 35 years, this Australian-owned company has grown to over 700 bakeries across four countries, serving 2 million customers each week. Every day, in every bakery, Bakers Delight bakers use real ingredients to bake unreal bread. And what’s baked that day, is sold fresh that day.